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Herb-e vaporizer – Majhen pametni vaporizer

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Herb-e   vaporizers, considering their small size, are extremely powerful vaporizers with tasty vapor . It is extremely easy to use with smart ” HAPPY ” and ” ANGRY ” modes of use.


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Herb-e Vaporizer by Migwapor – A small smart vaporizer

Herb-e is one of the smallest and most discreet portable vaporizers on the market. But don’t be fooled by the small number, because it offers a very tasty vapor with a smart vaporization method. Its advantage is mainly the quick consumption of herbs and the simplicity of use. It can also be proud of its design, as it has a metal body with a sheath that resembles carbon.
There has never been such a small vaporizer that offers so much for its price. The revolutionary Herb-e surprises many experienced users and overnight becomes a new favorite vaporizer, despite its low price .
It looks absolutely great, has a large chamber and a fairly powerful battery, is very easy to use, the battery charges very quickly, the mouthpiece is magnetic, and at the same time it has everything or even more than you need for basic use. The additional indication robot, whose eyes light up , is just the icing on the cake.


Herb-e vaporizer | flavor and vapor quality

Despite its small size and portability, the Herb-e offers superior steam and a fairly large chamber. The herbs are heated and vaporized quickly but very evenly without any burns. The steam is thick and very tasty, as it has a stainless steel heating chamber and a completely separate air flow, so that the steam is mixed with fresh and clean air.
It has a very large heating chamber, which in terms of volume easily compares with the chambers of larger devices. At the same time, it has a powerful battery that offers multiple uses before recharging.


The indication is the lights – the eyes of a smart robot

Herb-e somewhat resembles the famous movie robot Wall-e. A small robot is drawn on the device, whose eyes are also indication warnings for the operation of the device. They alert us to whether the device is switched on, which mode of use it is, whether the device is heating up or ready for use, and whether the battery is empty.

Herb-e method of use

Herb-e vaporizer offers two smart vaporization modes.

HAPPY MODE – represents the normal mode of use and is also set so that the normal mode is selected automatically when the device is turned on. In normal mode, the indicating robot’s eyes will glow orange. After it warms up, about 35 seconds, the orange lights will flash. When it is ready for use, they will start to glow.

ANGRY MODE – represents the “fierce” or strong mode of smart pairing. The switch is very simple, as it is only necessary to hold down the main or the only button on the device for a few seconds and the robot’s red eyes (ice) will already light up. This means you have successfully set it up in Angry mode. The lights will flash for a few seconds as the herbs heat up to a higher temperature, then they will start to glow, indicating that it is ready to use.


What do you get in the Herb-e Vaporizer Kit?

1x Herb-e device from Migvapor
1x Cleaning tweezers 1x Cleaning brush 1x Pressure
tool 1x USB charging cable 1x Silicone mouthpiece attachment 2x Alcohol cleaning cloth 1x Instructions (also in Slovenian)

When you buy, gives you a grinder or grinder for dried herbs free of charge.

Dodatne informacije

Specifikacije: Herb-e vaporizer – Majhen pametni vaporizer


LED indikacije

Uporabno za
Nastavljiva temperatura


Čas priprave

Prostornina komore

0,2 g

Tip komore


ECA™ (Easy Care Airpath)


Čas polnjenja

60 minut

Avto izklop

Po 3 min


12 mesecev (baterija 6 mesecev)

Dimenzije (mm)

110 x 23 x 14

Teža (g)



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